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Respiratory & Ventilator Weaning




South Shore has been successfully transitioning clinically complex patients from “hospital to home” for over a decade. The facility’s acclaimed sub-acute respiratory and ventilator-weaning program offers a dedicated 40-bed unit. The program has become a key component of our sub-acute services here at South Shore and we have been able to establish a proven track record in delivering exceptional respiratory and ventilator care and weaning to our patients.


SSHC Sub-Acute and Rehabilitaion Center

The respiratory and ventilator program at South Shore is tailored to seniors as well as adults ages 16 and older who, after a hospital stay, require a greater amount of specialized care over a longer period of time. The program offers extensive physician-based pulmonary coverage and maintains its own staff of highly qualified respiratory professionals who are experienced and trained to meet the individual needs of their patients. South Shore’s respiratory staff work hand-in-hand with the facilities full complement of physicians, nurses, therapists and professionals from other specialties to provide patients with optimum recovery. Many respiratory and ventilator patients at South Shore also benefit from our on-site rehabilitation program which offers caring and highly skilled rehab professionals and state-of-the-art rehab equipment. We are extremely proud of our success rates and our ability to provide a better quality of life for many of our patients.


South Shore Rehabilitation & Nursing Center's updated facility provides patients requiring oxygen a more complete recovery experience through its unique facility-wide in-wall oxygen and suctioning system. This gives our patients requiring oxygen access to most of the building and grounds, and an opportunity to more fully participate in various recreational and social activities.


South Shore consistently demonstrates outstanding ventilator-weaning success and has returned many considered "non-weanable" to a completely vent-free life. It’s also important to note that many of these patients had already undergone unsuccessful weaning attempts prior to arrival. At South Shore, they attribute their success to their extensive experience and unique approach and view all patients with a “weaning-possible” attitude!


South Shore accepts most insurance and is Medicaid and Medicare certified. If you would like to learn more about any of their services or to arrange a personal tour, please contact the office of Sub-Acute Services at 516-868-6097.