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Care Services at South Shore Rehabilitation & Nursing Center


SSHC Sub-Acute and Rehabilitaion Center

South Shore Rehabilitation & Nursing Center offers a full complement of services for older adults but can also accommodate the care needs for younger adults age 16 and up. Services available span both long-term needs for permanent residents as well as short-term needs such as rehabilitation and skilled nursing care for our patients who will discharge home. Both care settings provide excellent care and the wonderful team of professionals, physicians and nurses that South Shore is known for in the community.


Short-Term Services - Sub-Acute Care


For those who would benefit from more care and/or rehabilitation after a hospital stay, South Shore's short-term rehabilitation/skilled nursing program is best. Here, adult patient's of nearly all ages are admitted direct from the hospital before returning home to participate in rehabilitation service such as physical, occupational and speech therapies; IV infusion therapy, wound care, skilled nursing, joint replacement rehabilitation, pain management and more.


South Shore is also one of the few sub-acute settings in the region that offers a dedicated respiratory/ventilator program. This unique 24-bed unit has returned hundreds of patients, many of whom were thought to be ventilator-dependent for the rest of their lives, home vent-free.


Short-term patients in our sub-acute programs are typically better able to successfully transition back to home or an alternate care setting than returning direct from the hospital. "The availability of these services in a sub-acute, or non-hospital setting, offers patients benefit of additional skilled nursing care, strengthening and therapy in a more affordable and relaxed setting closer to the home environment." stated Director of Sub-Acute Services, Daniel Raj. While others may have similar programs, where you go DOES matter. South Shore is the most active sub-acute provider and is one of the very first nursing facilities on the East Coast to offer the program nearly 20 years ago. The facility consistently receives excellent ratings from the New York State Department of Health as well as patient satisfaction ratings 95% or higher year over year. To learn more, ask your hospital Case Manager or contact the office of Sub-Acute Services at 516-868-6097 and schedule a tour.


Long-Term Services - Traditional Nursing Home Services


When care needs grow or home is no longer the best place to be, South Shore offers long-term residential services. Residents can receive services under medicaid services or private-pay including Long-Term Care coverage. To learn more about how to arrange a move-in for a loved-one, contact the Admissions Office at 516-623-4000 or review the information on the Admissions Page.

Residents can enjoy our home-like setting with a caring and professional staff who treat our residents like family. Learn more about our long-term services here.